Product Description

The GoLive is a portable unit for global news gathering live sports and events coverage. Telikos Live Streaming Backpack with HEVC compression at its core, the GoLive combines high-quality video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency. Content creators can provide the better video quality than H.264 while using about half the bandwidth.

The GoLive can encode in HEVC format, allowing users to op-erate in real-time with extreme low latency and the highest quality, even at very low bitrates.

The GoLive offers longer bat-tery time with a five hour internal battery. Weighing just over 900 grams the unit comes in a specially designed smart back-pack, with good usability, remote control functionality and easy access to display, controls and interfaces.


Key Features

• Supports SDI & HDMI Inputs

• HEVC/H.265 Compression

• Flexibility of using internet via generalized USB based modems and internet Dongles

• User friendly configuration on web browser or smartphones

• Internal Battery 5 hours

• Specially designed smart Backpack with proper air ventilation etc.

• Ultra-Fast Boot up time

• Eight Channel Professional Receiver to receive feeds at central location.

• No monthly or annual payments needed, only internet bandwidth will be used for streaming.

• The GoLive unit can only streams to the paired GoLive receiver units making the content very secure.

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